Developmental (ASQ) Success

success infantMom has a six month only who is developing on track, reaching all her milestones. Mom also has a daughter on the Autism spectrum who is having a tough time in school. Baby U Specialist partnered with the school social worker to help advocate and mediate for the family. Mom had a successful IEP meeting and has been confidently advocating for her daughter’s needs. A Para-Pro has been arranged to help her through the remainder of the school year. Daughter has also been approved to transfer to another school where there are additional supports in place.

Mentorship and Support Success

During the holiday event, mom of 4 children expressed her gratitude for Baby University case management services. Mom stated that her Baby U Specialist is never judgmental and has never looked down on her family due to their prior DCS involvement, mental illness, or any other reason. Instead, mom indicated that her Baby U Specialist consistently acts as an advocate for her family, partnering with multiple community programs and services on the family’s behalf. Mom also indicated that her family is always met with open minds and hearts by all Baby U staff. Mom said she truly appreciates the parent-case manager partnership in working toward the goals mom has set for her family. She feels supported whether she is advancing toward her goals or whether she must take a step back sometimes.

Journey to Self-Sufficiency Success

success momMom was homeless, pregnant, and striving to regain custody of her two older children. In partnership with her Baby U Specialist, mom has delivered a healthy baby, enrolled him into Head Start, obtained full-time employment and worked toward housing. Mom saved as much money as she could and recently signed a lease on a house large enough for her whole family. Mom pulled all her resources together to obtain beds for her older children so they would have a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Baby U Specialist submitted Purposity requests to assist with needed household items such as kitchenware, bathroom supplies, bed linens and even curtains. With the Purposity items, mom was able to make her new house a perfect home for her family. Mom’s next goals are to purchase a vehicle for easier transportation and to apply for financial aid to enroll her children in local private schools.

Teen Parent Success

Teen mom has been truant from school since October 2017. With the help of her Baby U Specialist, she has reconnected with the school counselor and began the steps to credit recovery and to finish high school. Teen mom and dad recently attended a car seat class together and earned a car seat. Teen mom and dad have also increased their confidence in their ability to care for their child. Teen mom has just given birth to a healthy, 6 lbs 8 oz baby.

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