• facts4,000 children enter Hamilton County schools each year.
        1,000 of these children are NOT READY to begin Kindergarten!
  • Nearly 20% of children are NOT born at a healthy weight.
  • Brain development starts during pregnancy.
  • 80% of brain development occurs by age 3!
  • Vocabulary/Speech Development: 0-3 years
        Vocabulary capacity/size is determined as early as 18-24 months.
  • Emotional Development: 0-18 months

  • Vision: birth-6 months

  • Math & Logic: 1-4 years

  • Early childhood experiences have a major impact on brain development - both positive and negative experiences.
  • HEALTHY EARLY DEVELOPMENT has the greatest impact on a child's ability to learn when entering Kindergarten, and into adulthood.
  • Recognizing these facts, BABY UNIVERSITY provides intensive case management services to support and mentor families to have healthy pregnancies and children to achieve early development milestones.


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